Introduce a very new series – Cartier Tank Anglaise watch

Cartier Tank watches, and can be called a star brand watch. The inspiration comes from the real shape of the Tank watch, really steel behemoth in general, never stop moving forward. Founded in 1917, Tanks series has many well-known sub-series are unique. For example, in 1989 the Tank Américaine series, 1996 series Tank Francaise. To introduce a very new series today Tank – Tank ANGLAISE watches.
replica cartier Anglaise watch

This watch styling get Tank watch series essence. With stainless steel material, silver color so that the whole watch is very meaningful. One-piece design of the crawler bracelet and vertical lugs very fit, also revealed Tank watch classic style. The crown has always been one of the important elements distinguish Tank sub-series. Tank ANGLAISE watches boldly nine angle crown integrated within the case, the symmetrical beauty even more prominent square watches. Inlaid crown more than one section synthetic spinel, very beautiful.

Watch diameter 29.8 m, very fit male wrist, the atmosphere without publicity. Careful observation will see that this series of case have a more smooth lines, no angular bezel, giving a new aesthetic enjoyment, the Tank watch into a new realm. Dial, the same classic and exciting. Glyph middle floral and square-minute track, it is very decent and elegant. Roman numerals, is also a sign of this series. Roman numerals 7 strokes with a written CARTIER, full of character. Date display at 3 o’clock, so that the remainder of this attractive appearance, but also very practical. This watch uses CAL.077 automatic winding movement.

Cartier watches W5310009 Tank ANGLAISE series with smoother lines, a new interpretation of the classic styling Tank. Nine-angle crown integrated within the case, bring new beauty to Tank watch. Integrated bracelet and vertical lugs very fit, style is very beautiful. Glyph classic dial with Roman numerals and minute track, so this watch is full of memories Tank. Like Cartier watch Tank people will love this beautiful and elegant watch.

Tank Series adds new works — Tank MC watch

Cartier brand was founded since 1847, well-known brand in the world of jewelry and watch brands. In 1917, Cartier designer Inspired by a war Tank, to create its first Tank watch, from a legend was born. In 1919, after the market, with great success. Thereafter Tank watch, with its “never-ending” concept, continue to draw new elements and inspiration, and into the Tank watch, at the forefront of the spirit of the times, but also it has been welcomed by the market, has become immortal classic for. 2013, Tank Series Adds new works –Tank MC watch. Heritage Tank classic style, it is also the first time joined a small seconds disc design.
replica cartier tank mc w5330002

Cartier Tank series has always been considered a classic aesthetic design of the model, in addition Tank MC is bigger than ever Tank watch size 33.3 mm by 44.0 mm in the case. Tank MC Cartier watch W5330002, as one of the new members of the classic Cartier watch series Tank, heritage Cartier Tank classic style, and with a more generous size and small seconds disc circular writing a new chapter. Prominent octagonal crown correspondingly larger. Nearly square rectangular dial, giving a grand atmosphere to enjoy. Circle tough italics Roman numerals, and rose gold sword pointer complement each other.

This watch has a diameter of 44 mm, dial closer to the square, it is very tough. Glyph let guilloche dial is even more delicate. Chocolate-colored rectangular dial and small seconds at 6 o’clock circular plate bezel good match, revealing a soft masculine men outside. 3:00 Location rectangular calendar display window, the same chocolate background, well integrated into the dial. Semi-matte dark brown alligator leather strap nicely set off the case and chocolate rose gold dial. The classic Cartier 1904 MC movement of production to ensure the accuracy and stability of travel time watch. Caseback with sapphire crystal production, through which the movement of the structure at a glance. Water depth of 30 meters, the watch is very practical for daily distribution. Tank for the likes of Cartier watches people, this watch unique color, the overall feel elegant.

W51005Q4 is downright Francaise Tank style

Cartier is a prestigious jewelry brand, but also well-known watch brands in its product line watch, blue balloons, Tanks, santos series is undoubtedly the most important series, of which, on most Tanks series In particular, it draws from each country in the shape of the Tank design elements into the watch, so watch although both Tanks series, but also categorized, today enjoy a Cartier Tank Francaise watch, look at its various manifestations.
replica cartier tank W51005Q4Cartier Tank series W51005Q4 watch, is downright Francaise Tank style, with different Tank Americaine, which on the whole in favor of the square, while Americaine Tanks in favor of the long bar. Stainless steel exterior, polished, showing a steel unique metallic color, 3-row bracelet, Cartier watches specifically for this type of design, some use gold plated links, so watch the appearance is stylish and noble. Crown is also very special, it studded with a sapphire, and projections on the crown, at different angles to be able to enjoy different beauty. Further, it is wide sides bezel, is wider than Americaine, secondly, Fran?aise Tank composed by separate links, and tapered, and finally, the whole watch was a certain arc, the side bezel slightly radian, Americaine more Tanks completely flat.

In addition, the use of blue steel sword dial pointer, scale use Cartier-style Roman numerals, the most important is that each one Tank watch, on the time scale scale there is always a stroke, is replaced with a brand logo, and position is not fixed. This watch “cartier” logo engraved on the 7 o’clock scale “V” on, it has become the brand’s classic design and signature elements. It is worn on the wrist, enjoying the courage and strength to conquer the world, it is one of the most inspired design men’s ambitions. All in all, Cartier watches always through distinctive design, a new realm of playing out the count.

Artistry and perfect replica Cartier Tank MC watches

SIHHThe past few years held SIHH, Cartier breath launched 17 all-new timepiece works, including the excellent technical achievement known Celestial Method perpetual calendar watches and “Earth and the Moon” Tourbillon moon phase watches, art full of flowers decorative fretwork mosaic parrot watches, interestingly, after the blue balloon achieve market success, launched a white balloon, and blue balloons disparate visual modeling gives a fresh impression.
replica cartier tank mcOf course, this is not it all wonderful, as we know it, Cartier Tank series is one of the most classic works in which new products in natural and ultimately its shadow. Last year, a total Tank system introduced two new works, respectively Tank MC and Tank Louis Cartier, and equipped with a newly developed hollow movement. Today the first to introduce this simple for everyone Tank MC watch, Tanks series itself is a big category, launched today has close to a century, the main products for the Anglaise, Americaine, Tank Louis Cartier, Fancaise, solo and MC 6 wealthy type in which Tank MC is “Manufacture Cartier” acronym name, is quite famous door of taste.

Compared to other models of Tanks watches, Tank MC shoulder to wider, more square qualities. The product has been enriched to a great extent, including a highly artistic hollow watch, the ultimate luxury fine jewelry watches, simple and practical small second hand watch, which has a rose gold hollow gold watch two palladium. In all square watches, Cartier Tank series have to say plays its development into an important role in promoting, done on a few square watch brand history, and without exception, were no Tanks on the classic fashion modeling. At the same time due to the elegant and perfectly proportioned Tank series, making it rich in popular series, in the form of a unisex, structured. As long as you like Cartier, it is always a right for you.

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Cartier Calibre solid steel men’s watch

Cartier in today’s watchmaking industry has an irreplaceable position, it is now the most famous jewelry brand, which brings together each a watch its excellent craftsmanship and unique style, but it’s jewelry is outstanding, so It was the “king of jewelers” in the world. Heart of beauty in everyone, yearning for the good things, is the eternal pursuit of people, and Cartier history of over a hundred years it has become a beautiful legend. This developed by the streets of Paris a jewelry workshop brand, created one after another boutique, leading from the fashion trends, beauty in it is full of longing and pursuit. As long as its brand, people will cast envious eyes, its real beauty, will make its wearer the limelight among.
replica cartier calibre W7100016The Cartier W7100016 is made of stainless steel to create a men’s watch, its case diameter of 42 mm sheet, stainless steel material exudes a strong metallic flavor, reflecting the strong masculine characteristics, silver metallic luster and shine It gives a sense of full strength. The watch dial is black, hour markers upper part is represented by white Roman numerals, the lower half hour time scale is represented by a white mark. Six o’clock position of the dial as a small seconds dial, it constitutes a large circular dial just set small round structure, so that the layout of the dial look round and harmony. Date three o’clock position display window, is also very good rich space dial, set with a faceted crystal blue synthetic spinel on its crown, adds luxury to watch the gas. The layout of the watches with silver stainless steel strap configuration, the perfect highlight the men’s masculine air.

The Cartier W7100016 in this phase for selling goods to the Cartier brand, so it’s not a lot of features, but are some very useful features. Basic time display function on this watch, by the central hour, minute and small seconds dial central cooperate to complete. Such functional design can reduce the number of gear, so dial even more slim.

It can reduce the energy loss in the transmission process, improve the utilization of energy. And it’s large white Roman numerals on a black dial is very clear that this watch legibility greatly enhanced. It also has a function to display the date, this function displays the date window at 3 o’clock direction to complete, and general watch date display different is its date display can simultaneously display three days of time, wherein the intermediate time It is the time of day. This watch also has 30 meters of water resistance, which is a very user-friendly design, the actual needs of the watch personal account of the user, eliminating the need for users to special circumstances under special weather watch inadvertent damage to concern. Cartier though winning is a function of the brand, but its functionality is still very practical and reliable performance to bring high quality enjoyment to our lives, but also increases the convenience for a living.

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Simple and extraordinary Cartier Cle watches

For creating and classical tradition, Cartier has always spare no effort. Workshops Cartier watchmakers never satisfied with the Surprise, but wont create a field of stirring timepiece feast. After eight years of exploration, the new Clé de Cartier watches not only offer a full master technology and aesthetic design, but also in the new series lineup also unsurpassed, once available, will be invited to a feast timepiece . Cartier watchmaking strength has always been unquestioned, the annual Geneva International Watch and Jewellery Salon Cartier total strength to launch hundreds of pieces of works, including the continuation of the classic series, including the birth of a new series of such records in watchmaking industry is unsurpassed creativity. More importantly, there is a need to create only. Ballon Bleu series only through the performance, we can see people for Cartier watch favorite.
replica cartier ballon bleu leather strapIn 2007, Ballon Bleu series side of the city to launch 19 models. After a lapse of eight years, Ballon Bleu watch series has launched more than 150 models as much, whether it is high-level complex features watch professional and technical fields, or the magnificent master decorative watch, or luxurious sparkling fine jewelry table , Ballon Bleu series has maintained its unabated enthusiasm of people, this is Cartier to create a miracle.

Simplicity is an advanced art, express the most with the least, with the most simple expression of the most beautiful. Advocating simplicity men naturally exudes calm aura of strength and self-confidence, they fully understand the nature of life is balance, clarity and restraint, no need to prove anything, can appreciate the beauty of the inherent nature of things. Clé de Cartier watch new male modeling simple, simple lines, simple operation, the whole feel of the simple expression of men’s extraordinary new realm. As a “jeweler, jeweler of kings emperor,” Cartier has never begrudge preference for the ladies. Whether in the field of fine jewelry, or advanced watchmaking, Cartier always give a woman the best favor. The new Clé de Cartier series available no exception, when 20 models for ladies only elegant counted build.
replica cartier cle yellow goldThe new series of Clé de Cartier Ladies Watch in the design style is more daring and high profile, particularly reflected in the colors and diamonds. Conventional design, Cartier ladies watch has been more low-key brown, pink younger, even with the red style is one of the few; the diamonds also showed moderation. The new Clé de Cartier Ladies Watch series has completely broken the old attitude. In color, a variety of high-profile gold watch bold red; diamond decoration, also introduced a number of pieces of diamond bezel, case set with diamonds, dial paved and even senior jewelry table; from the size point of view, 40 mm and larger styles to reach as many as 10 models. Clé de Cartier Ladies Watch are taking a new look to create a new elegant ladies.

Elegant and noble Cartier Rotonde watch replica

replica cartier rotonde WHRO0002Elegant Cartier Rotonde De Cartier watches: WHRO0002. On this watch circular dial with blue sword type time division pointer, and also features day, week, month display, disk design beautiful and unique. Watch rose gold watch with 18 40 mm in diameter, 13.26 mm thick round case, the internal use of refined and elegant white dial and blue hands, sapphire crystal cover. Watch assembly elegant noble brown strap, use folding buckle. Watch beautifully designed, exquisite workmanship, elegant and generous and noble watches.

Watches side mounting a circular crown, crown top decorated with a circular black stones, the sides adopted a modified tooth pattern, design aesthetics, easy to grasp. Watch using a soft leathery brown alligator strap, the strap and reasonable cut, suture edges brown, decoration natural beauty, comfortable to wear and generous and elegant. 13.26 thick case of rounded shape, surface polished, smooth and shiny. Watch bezel is curved design, more three-dimensional sense of depth. Red gold case interior white dial, dial intricate design. When using eye-catching elegant black Roman numerals on a white dial marked, twelve o’clock position window shows the date, six o’clock and month display. The outer edge of the dial shows a week in order to fenestration form. Central dial decorated with fine radial corrugations of the outer ring when the target position after careful polishing process, and the outermost edge of the window design, Angelus different design process to make the dial more layered and the arrangement has caused. You can see beautiful texture dial, whether ornamentation outline or grinding disk are revealed nuanced work process. Calendar date for the big show, and the month the six o’clock position of the display window was half arc. Week display window into the outer edge of the arc-shaped arrangement, the chassis striped modification.

Watch type used is rounded lugs, lugs not long, polished in a slight curvature to the screw bolt and strap link, not only reinforced strap, and can make the wearer more comfortable. Use rose gold watch strap folding clasp links, clasp closure simple, easy to wear cut not falling. Use the back of the watch case back through style table mirror, the outer edge of the use of rose gold, engraved brand logo and a number of parameters; the internal movement can be seen through the transparent mirror, beautifully detailed. The bottom of the watch case with screw bolt and fixed, for the precision and stability of the internal movement automatic mechanical movement.

This watch with distinguished elegant and beautiful rose gold watch body, excellent built sophisticated automatic mechanical movement, with elegant and refined display watch dial function, with elegant noble brown strap, watch the whole elegant and refined, nice, worn on the wrist gives a sense of mature, and can bring the wearer elegant mature temperament.

Cartier Tortue watch exudes extreme femininity

replica cartier tortue

Cartier Tortue Series watch founded in 1912, together with a unique shape and precise design popular night, and achieved great success and became one of Cartier’s most popular series. Compact lines, curved case, compact design, unique style, Cartier Tortue watch exudes extreme femininity, the perfect interpretation of the definition of elegance.

18K rose gold inlay on the case with gorgeous diamond ring, each one have been carefully selected, highlighting the high-quality brands. 30 x 24 mm, with black Roman numerals, Blue Harbour pointer slowly rotate the track of time, 18k rose gold octagonal crown set with a brilliant-cut round diamonds, which are a continuation of the previous classic style. Wine red alligator strap with pin-type clasp, soft and flexible, extremely delicate. So that the wearer can adjust the fit according wrist strap and skin.

Today, replica Cartier Tortue watch extend the brand proud tradition, re-interpretation of femininity in modern style. Christmas Eve ringing tones, loud bells New Year, into shiny neon, new dreams and bring people hope. Unique shape and elegant style, perfect design and craftsmanship make Cartier turtle series WA501006 Cartier watches became the most typical representative, this woman in the most beautiful way watch tells time goes drip, to provide you with the most beautiful mechanical experience. In this colorful during the holiday season, Cartier hope to accompany passion to hope go hand in hand with the watch convey the most sincere friendship.

Elegant and beautiful Cartier Clé series

Cartier was founded in France in 1847, becoming the world leader in jewelry, watches and accessories in the field of King Edward VII was hailed as “king of jewelers, jeweler of kings.” With innovative ideas and talent for design, writing design history of jewelry and watches in the world, subject to royalty and celebrities Ascot numerous respected and loved. Clé series Cartier watch with a high degree of recognition, its a “abalone shell” shaped case, with a square crown, with gentleness to conquer people’s hearts. Today we bring one of a platinum men’s watch: Clé De Cartier WGCL0005.

replica cartier cle

The style is simple, elegant men’s watch line genus elegant and beautiful Cartier Clé series, because of the way if we turn the key chain named. 18k white gold watch with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 11.76 mm of abalone shell-shaped ovate case, side assembled a unique personality square crown. Watch using understated elegant black crocodile leather strap, strap with folding buckle link. Water resistant to 30 meters.

Watch the side using a unique personality square crown, easy to grasp; inlaid black stones on the crown, exquisite beauty. In the watch when the crown is rotated like a key chain rotation beautiful Smart. Watches use classic black strap, strap made of crocodile leather cropped by the edge of the black sutures and reasonable cut, ornamentation and beautiful. Soft and tough leather strap, comfortable to wear. Watch case diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 11.76 mm, this size perfect for men who can manage. Case has been polished, smooth and endowed with metallic luster; side of the case through a special design, more layered.

Using a circular dial on the case, use the white dial exquisite beauty of radial corrugations, the outer edge of the atmosphere using the elegant Roman numerals as hour markers, blue sweep indicates the time, reading is clear and simple; the six o’clock position on the dial date display window. Sapphire crystal glass case covering the watch mirror. Integrally cast lugs and case, comply with the case design was a natural arc, connecting smooth, flowing lines, but also helps to watch and wrist fit. Watch strap with folding clasp platinum links and unique exterior design beautiful clasp. Black belt and silver clasp with, not only illegally and without, but people feel stable classic. Back through the watch case back to the bottom, the bottom of the outer edge of the watch is made of metal, the central glass mirror, you can see the internal movement. Watch the bottom using screw bolt fixed on top of the case. Watch is equipped with high performance automatic mechanical movement.

This watch the precious sturdy platinum crafted, beautifully designed interior decorated with delicate ornamentation and elegant white dial blue charming time scale and hands with, distribute elegant Smart light. Meanwhile, the unique design of the square to watch the crown also increase a charming glory. Such a watch is worn on the wrist for men, not only elegant and charming at the same time can bring men mature temperament.

Sports-style watches Cartier Calibre

replica cartier calibre

Bold lines and sturdy case is CALIBRE DE CARTIER Cartier Chronograph most realistic portrayal. CALIBRE DE CARTIER series through a combination of matte with polishing process to become the new unique timing masterpiece. This year’s Cartier has again 1904-CH MC movement placed therein, adding fresh blood CALIBRE DE CARTIER series become more strong and tough.

While this watch is full of bold beauty of strength, with the most simple material to easily express the spirit of this series. 42 mm stainless steel case is not great, in line with Cartier’s style. Silver dial has a minute scale the outermost circle, when the subject design also do not have innovative, 3-9 points are based on Roman numerals, and 4-8 point scale taken rectangle, so the more elegant chic, contemporary strong. The same material is very sturdy clasp bracelet with safety. The crown is octagonal, with a blue multi cut above synthetic spinel surface, which has become a symbol of Cartier.

It is full of beauty since it shows the strength of the wrist that is a movement with a clear style. It is at 3 o’clock with 30 minutes drive time, 9:00 drive time position with 12 hours. This is a standard sports watch, such as running, fitness, swimming can be used on. And it has 100 meters of water effects, is swimming, you also do not have to worry it will water. 6:00 position of the large calendar window can display three days before the date, the reading time is also very convenient.

Calibre is a masterpiece in French meaning, indicating a high quality While this timepiece. And from a solid case, bold large diameter dial plus 12-bit large Roman numerals shows the atmosphere masculine men side, the interpretation of all a men’s sports watch.