Cartier never rigid. When everyone in its benchmark for the trend, speculation new guide its exotic, Cartier has unexpectedly turned to the battlefield: the First World War the most powerful new weapon – French Renault tanks, inspired Louis Cartier was inspired, so he in 1919, with a revolutionary design to create a perfect square watch – tank.

Cartier Tank watches from the clean lines, classic design and a profound historical and cultural background. At that time, “simple is elegant” concept, people stay away, but Cartier watches this revolutionary forerunner, but maintained its extraordinary vision, publicly advocated new aesthetic standards. Over the years, the integration of first-class quality and avant-garde design Tank watch, modern lasting for years, always stand in front of the times, it is called VIO watch history.

After the tank watch the birth of nearly 80 years of development, Cartier works on the basis of first tried a variety of geometric contours and aesthetic expression, never stopped the pace of exploration. So far, the world’s leading Cartier jewelry, watches leaders, still continue to watch the reproduction and innovation with research diligently, thereby continue to bring eternal enjoyment and surprise Cartier watch kingdom who pursue careers.

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