Cartier Calibre solid steel men’s watch

Cartier in today’s watchmaking industry has an irreplaceable position, it is now the most famous jewelry brand, which brings together each a watch its excellent craftsmanship and unique style, but it’s jewelry is outstanding, so It was the “king of jewelers” in the world. Heart of beauty in everyone, yearning for the good things, is the eternal pursuit of people, and Cartier history of over a hundred years it has become a beautiful legend. This developed by the streets of Paris a jewelry workshop brand, created one after another boutique, leading from the fashion trends, beauty in it is full of longing and pursuit. As long as its brand, people will cast envious eyes, its real beauty, will make its wearer the limelight among.
replica cartier calibre W7100016The Cartier W7100016 is made of stainless steel to create a men’s watch, its case diameter of 42 mm sheet, stainless steel material exudes a strong metallic flavor, reflecting the strong masculine characteristics, silver metallic luster and shine It gives a sense of full strength. The watch dial is black, hour markers upper part is represented by white Roman numerals, the lower half hour time scale is represented by a white mark. Six o’clock position of the dial as a small seconds dial, it constitutes a large circular dial just set small round structure, so that the layout of the dial look round and harmony. Date three o’clock position display window, is also very good rich space dial, set with a faceted crystal blue synthetic spinel on its crown, adds luxury to watch the gas. The layout of the watches with silver stainless steel strap configuration, the perfect highlight the men’s masculine air.

The Cartier W7100016 in this phase for selling goods to the Cartier brand, so it’s not a lot of features, but are some very useful features. Basic time display function on this watch, by the central hour, minute and small seconds dial central cooperate to complete. Such functional design can reduce the number of gear, so dial even more slim.

It can reduce the energy loss in the transmission process, improve the utilization of energy. And it’s large white Roman numerals on a black dial is very clear that this watch legibility greatly enhanced. It also has a function to display the date, this function displays the date window at 3 o’clock direction to complete, and general watch date display different is its date display can simultaneously display three days of time, wherein the intermediate time It is the time of day. This watch also has 30 meters of water resistance, which is a very user-friendly design, the actual needs of the watch personal account of the user, eliminating the need for users to special circumstances under special weather watch inadvertent damage to concern. Cartier though winning is a function of the brand, but its functionality is still very practical and reliable performance to bring high quality enjoyment to our lives, but also increases the convenience for a living.

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Sports-style watches Cartier Calibre

replica cartier calibre

Bold lines and sturdy case is CALIBRE DE CARTIER Cartier Chronograph most realistic portrayal. CALIBRE DE CARTIER series through a combination of matte with polishing process to become the new unique timing masterpiece. This year’s Cartier has again 1904-CH MC movement placed therein, adding fresh blood CALIBRE DE CARTIER series become more strong and tough.

While this watch is full of bold beauty of strength, with the most simple material to easily express the spirit of this series. 42 mm stainless steel case is not great, in line with Cartier’s style. Silver dial has a minute scale the outermost circle, when the subject design also do not have innovative, 3-9 points are based on Roman numerals, and 4-8 point scale taken rectangle, so the more elegant chic, contemporary strong. The same material is very sturdy clasp bracelet with safety. The crown is octagonal, with a blue multi cut above synthetic spinel surface, which has become a symbol of Cartier.

It is full of beauty since it shows the strength of the wrist that is a movement with a clear style. It is at 3 o’clock with 30 minutes drive time, 9:00 drive time position with 12 hours. This is a standard sports watch, such as running, fitness, swimming can be used on. And it has 100 meters of water effects, is swimming, you also do not have to worry it will water. 6:00 position of the large calendar window can display three days before the date, the reading time is also very convenient.

Calibre is a masterpiece in French meaning, indicating a high quality While this timepiece. And from a solid case, bold large diameter dial plus 12-bit large Roman numerals shows the atmosphere masculine men side, the interpretation of all a men’s sports watch.

The remarkable Cartier Calibre watches

replica calibre de cartierCalibre de Cartier watches are equipped with the 1904MC-type movement, bearing in mind the modern pioneer Cartier watch created in 1904 the world’s first watch, but full of ambition for the future; at the same time, the series continues the Cartier consistent modern design aesthetics, the perfect balance of strength and beauty of masculine men filling charm. Calibre de Cartier watch with perfect deep knowledge of watchmaking and exquisite design of fusion, confirms Cartier watch enduring legend. Needless to say, this series will be the following Santos, Tank, Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch fashion, Cartier another classic.

Thick solid case, three-dimensional raised bezel, vigorous and effective large diameter dial, and the dominance of the large dial on the time scale of Rome masculine men XII filling the atmosphere; at the same time, soft smooth bezel with 28 degrees natural inclination, by 120 fine scale transition to arc grained decoration of the dial, the ink is complemented by atmospheric tracing delicate detail, amazing. On the dial, three position fan full calendar window retro atmosphere; watch the other side, filled with modern transparent sapphire crystal case back then let the beautifully decorated movement at a glance – Cartier amazing superb watchmaking to condense time, leaving the watch enthusiasts marvel of whom fascinating.

In addition, Calibre de Cartier men’s watch more realized in the exquisite outer should call. 120 on the dial scale reminiscent of the meticulous precision of gear movement, while the transparent case back in novel and unique design movement, has become the perfect distillation masculine appearance; at the same time, Cartier also take into account the wear comfort, according to human engineering Principles of design of four lugs perfect fit wrist curve, like a second skin as comfortable and natural to create a great experience to wear.

Inherited a remarkable spirit of innovation and honorable master free and easy style, Cartier has always strived to watch technology and design aesthetics and combined into one, indisputably the achievements of its senior watchmakers of winning. Fusion of classic and innovative design elements, Calibre de Cartier name will go down in history, became an important member of another Cartier watch family, highlighting the tireless research Cartier watchmaking mechanical process and ambitions for the future again.