Watch mirror its sleek shape was convex curved contour shape, coinciding with the four-terminal screws phase. Cartier Roadster watch case made of stainless steel or pure gold brick block of material, after dozens of elaborate procedures, most of the steps are done by hand, the purpose is to ensure that the final product before shaping and dissemination of glory, to achieve high-quality Level. There are magnified mirror on the dial, the section cut appearance, became the leading visual focus, its arc to show exactly what the Declaration male masculine life. Contour design captures the rhythm of light and shadow, a symbol of male Safe movement plasticity, the groove pattern of belts and steel chain with improved power and freedom to show.

replica cartier roadster yellow goldSimple, vivid and Arabic digital disk design lines, the case has many echoes of body shape features: car fender leather-like flow lines curve, light around the dial; date magnifying glass shaped like a single-seat sports car hood The air inlet; and projecting faucet is like a car radiator cap. Minutes elapsed time is reflected in the circle on the dial, the distinctive dial with Arabic numerals Roman numerals decor, simple monochrome and color composition, passing out the elegance of antique sports car, parabolic date magnifier and special adjustable dial It has become the identifying feature of the watch.

replica cartier roadsterCartier Roadster is the perfect combination of the fine tradition: design excellence, pure appearance, innovative ideas and excellent durability. These are the main features of Cartier so famous.

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