blue balloon cartier is one of the most classic series

Ballon Bleu de Cartier is one of the most classic series, is named for its sapphire crown. Sapphire blue balloons representing the crown wanted to break free of the shackles of gravity, which represents blue balloons with the courage to bring the power of love, And blue balloon series is among the most fiery couple watches, couples often express their faithful love with blue ballons.

replica cartier ballon bleu W69012Z4Cartier Ballon Bleu W69012Z4 watch has a 42 mm stainless steel case, this simple and elegant design, the dial is silver, the above display with black Roman large scale, large scale may be more convenient to read the time. Blue steel pointer clearly indicates that each minute scale, stainless steel strap worn if it is summer, it will reduce the heat of summer brings hot, stainless steel folding clasp is very convenient.

Because this is a blue balloon no secret back through the end of the design, it also has good water resistance, although only 30M waterproof effect, but really airtight. Simple style also successful men preferred. The Cartier blue balloon is the classic of classics, and this watch is quite high degree of recognition, because it is stainless steel, in addition to special no other decorative stones sapphire, are more suitable for mass watch. Size and diversity, the movement also makes blue balloon watch couple of choice.

ballon bleu de cartier watches is amazing

replica ballon bleu de cartierDistinctive sapphire crown, ballon bleu de Cartier blue balloon watch amazing. Indeed, Cartier is not the first time the crown inlaid cabochon sapphire, but the unprecedented large sapphire and dial inseparable like satellites, and its outer edge is first applied with precious metal retaining bow, careful care of precious gems.

Spectacular art, the overall design between classical and futuristic styles. Streamlined three-dimensional case is like a pebble, rounded front and back are slightly curved. Sapphire crystal mirror can create a wonderful optical effect: numerals amplified, time is also showing deformation of fun.

Due to the influence of the crown, Roman numerals deviate from the generally circular orbit. A look that is known connoisseur of Cartier watches circular logo, checkered dial, sword-shaped hands, 18K gold or polished steel bracelet. Under the distance, only the Cartier family’s favorite timepiece like a rising star, lit up the Universe Cartier time, fully inherited the tradition of excellence of Cartier, beyond the specific details of whom sapphire crown wonderful gift.