The new fashion watch a masterpiece — Ballon Bleu de Cartier

Leading Cartier watch continues innovation essence, offer three new fashion watch masterpiece: chronograph opening speed passion, diamond dial watches reveal luxurious luxury beauty, the future trend of ultra-thin watches Quest. Enjoy the same purpose of new works, will on Cartier maestro that unrestrained imagination, creating a new round of “Blue Balloon” fashion trend!


replica ballon bleu de cartier chronograph watch

Speed ​​Passion – blue balloon series Chronograph
Smooth shape, fun interaction, replica Cartier Ballon Bleu series Chronograph on the classic contour, adding the timing of complex functions, bringing people and new machinery communicate with each other pleasure. Check the black dial at three and six-time scale were counting minutes and seconds small dial replace the classic Roman numerals, harmony arrangement on the dial; date pane also will be moved to the next nine time scale, simple and clear. This watch dial balanced and stable overall design and overbearing. Educated about shining sapphire crown, placed a standard two-button, pressed between the time the flow driving under control. Chase speed, instant sway of passion, blue balloon chronograph accurate operation. Equipped with a timing function of blue balloon watch, jumped upgraded to measure time, time to develop a powerful tool, rather than just follow the monotonous pace of time. Professional, sophisticated look, simple and practical features that make Cartier blue balloon series Chronograph in addition to speed and passion to really be suitable for all-weather wear luxury watches.

replica ballon bleu de cartier with diamonds

Luxury extravagant beauty – blue balloon watch dial inlaid with 11 diamonds
Another winning Cartier “jewelers, jeweler of kings emperor”, given the blue balloon watch series more possibilities. Carefully selected top diamond, consummate mosaics, flawless brilliant design, the replica blue balloon watch the dream turned into a woman love Jane pet. Precisely embedded in the dial eleven when punctuation bit precious diamond, like dark blue night sky shining star to guide the pace of time in the light. Diamond dial and sapphire crown bump, and in the confusion between the wrist, draw a beautiful picture of a pair of Zhongxingpengyue like. Mosaic on the dial of the crystal of diamond, with rose gold Or alligator strap, convey a completely different moving grace. Rose gold blooming and charming as a diamond to put on extravagant clothes, against the background of a distinct elegance grace; the color crocodile leather strap surrounded by diamonds, places deliver bright colors gorgeous mood to feel comfortable to express gentle temperament.


replica ballon bleu de cartier medium watch

Smart fashion – blue balloon thin watch
Time goes by, the wind once again resurgence of ultra-thin watches. He has a deep knowledge of Cartier watchmaking once again points to the front of the trend, with a new ultra-thin blue balloon watch proclaim to the world. Ultra-thin body, light texture, the Ballon Bleu de Cartier replica usual elegant interpretation to the extreme. In the large section table diameter 46mm re-architecture of mechanical movement components perform their duties, complement each other. Case K were used rose gold, white K gold and platinum to create. Among them, the Rose K gold and white K gold watches decorated with silver guilloché dial, elegant and delicate; platinum watches is lined with dark blue dial, hidden endless futuristic.