cartier tank watches the little series Introduction

Cartier is the world’s leading luxury brands, but watch is an area famous Cartier bear, with the top of watchmaking technology and design skills, Cartier watches continue to surprise the world. And know Cartier people will know the tanks series, this originated in series during World War I, the development has been nearly a hundred years of history, with Cartier innovative spirit, the pursuit of excellence, to the world brought a century square watch legend.

Cartier tank series is a perfect interpretation of a series of geometry, with patchwork structure with modern fashion arc, skillfully seemingly contradictory collision geometry combine to create a distinctive a leisurely watch. The first Tank watch, with a unique vertical lugs, Roman hour markers, minute track and elegant apple pin, clean lines, the outline is quite clear, and laid a series of basic models of tanks.


replica cartier tank louisTank Louis Cartier tank series is more classic models, compared with Cartier features clear water chestnut earlier, softer lines, angle is more rounded, vertically extending lugs at both ends as rounded polished, and bold into the idea of jewelry watches, mounted a blue gem on the crown, and the classic blue needle echoes. Over time, Tank Louis Cartier is no longer willing to only basic reading function watch, decorated with a simple function or calendar display, or disk hollow design, or bezel, crown decorated with diamonds through different small details, to create a different watch.


replica cartier tank americaine

Tank Americaine watch was born in 1989, which lasted two years designed to bring the world again surprises. Followed the case was sleek curved design, while the rectangular shape is more compact, vertical lugs also appears to be more mellow. Integration of different sets of elements, full of contrast and balance, straight lines and curves Gongchoujiaocuo, showing times a charm of modern beauty, and create a first arcuate Cartier waterproof watch case. Unique personality octagonal crown, sapphire inlaid more than one section, reflect again Cartier obsessed with the perfect interpretation of the geometry.


replica cartier tank francaise

By 1996, the tanks series relive classic elements, launched a new Tank Francaise watch. Two parallel vertical lugs, Roman hour markers, minute track, sword-type pointer and multi-slice crown set with a sapphire, while breaking the traditional, bold crawler strap, more independent lines, angular beauty of personality. Tank Francaise watch with different materials, different functions and different dial colors, the only constant is the design simple, smooth lines, vintage charm, while more elegant look.


replica cartier tank solo

Tank Solo watch appearance placed between the Tank Louis Cartier and the traditional series of tanks, more rounded design, smooth parallel lugs, vertically extending lugs at both ends as rounded polished, rounded crown engraving, inlaid with blue gems, blue steel sword-shaped hands, minute track, Roman hour markers, classic looks very natural. Strap half embedded in the form of even more Tank Solo watch looks exceptionally strong and unique. Yes this style generally smaller in size, more suitable for women to wear.


replica cartier tank anglaiseTank Anglaise is a series of best-selling models of tanks, the unique design of the crown hiding in the ear by a vertical table square watch enthusiasts alike. We have just launched the Tank Anglaise watch with Jingui precious metal bracelet highlighting luxury, style, with a simple design, exquisite gemstone inlay technique, although attractive appearance, but the high prices make many of the Tank Anglaise watch prohibitive favorite. A year later, Cartier launched the belt Tank Anglaise, equally superb work for people who want to buy a lot less stress. Tank Anglaise watch strap color is rich, dark reddish brown ranging, respectively, with platinum and rose gold case. All dimensions and diamond or diamond Tank Anglaise were also accompanied by crocodile leather strap, for the love of this style of table fan provides multiple choices.


replica cartier tank mc

Tank MC Cartier in 2013 new a style, price of other models are generally higher than the, continued the classic aesthetic element tank series, and inject new elements, the use of guilloche guilloché dial, minute track, Roman hour markers and clever the sword-shaped pointer. Stainless steel or rose gold case, white or chocolate color dial, diamond or hollow or a simple small three needle-like, falling to a simple function, with a variety of styles of watches, and equipped with automatic mechanical or manual machine high-grade movement, highlighting the good taste to simple low-key.


Tank series has a long history, it is to bring people into the square table is an important beginning of the world, with a simple, elegant fully to the world heritage Cartier eclectic design is very classic design. Tanks series of models, each with its own different characteristics, from the elegant and lovely handsome tough, like tanks series of friends can choose according to their preferences to match.