Introduce a very new series – Cartier Tank Anglaise watch

Cartier Tank watches, and can be called a star brand watch. The inspiration comes from the real shape of the Tank watch, really steel behemoth in general, never stop moving forward. Founded in 1917, Tanks series has many well-known sub-series are unique. For example, in 1989 the Tank Américaine series, 1996 series Tank Francaise. To introduce a very new series today Tank – Tank ANGLAISE watches.
replica cartier Anglaise watch

This watch styling get Tank watch series essence. With stainless steel material, silver color so that the whole watch is very meaningful. One-piece design of the crawler bracelet and vertical lugs very fit, also revealed Tank watch classic style. The crown has always been one of the important elements distinguish Tank sub-series. Tank ANGLAISE watches boldly nine angle crown integrated within the case, the symmetrical beauty even more prominent square watches. Inlaid crown more than one section synthetic spinel, very beautiful.

Watch diameter 29.8 m, very fit male wrist, the atmosphere without publicity. Careful observation will see that this series of case have a more smooth lines, no angular bezel, giving a new aesthetic enjoyment, the Tank watch into a new realm. Dial, the same classic and exciting. Glyph middle floral and square-minute track, it is very decent and elegant. Roman numerals, is also a sign of this series. Roman numerals 7 strokes with a written CARTIER, full of character. Date display at 3 o’clock, so that the remainder of this attractive appearance, but also very practical. This watch uses CAL.077 automatic winding movement.

Cartier watches W5310009 Tank ANGLAISE series with smoother lines, a new interpretation of the classic styling Tank. Nine-angle crown integrated within the case, bring new beauty to Tank watch. Integrated bracelet and vertical lugs very fit, style is very beautiful. Glyph classic dial with Roman numerals and minute track, so this watch is full of memories Tank. Like Cartier watch Tank people will love this beautiful and elegant watch.

Artistry and perfect replica Cartier Tank MC watches

SIHHThe past few years held SIHH, Cartier breath launched 17 all-new timepiece works, including the excellent technical achievement known Celestial Method perpetual calendar watches and “Earth and the Moon” Tourbillon moon phase watches, art full of flowers decorative fretwork mosaic parrot watches, interestingly, after the blue balloon achieve market success, launched a white balloon, and blue balloons disparate visual modeling gives a fresh impression.
replica cartier tank mcOf course, this is not it all wonderful, as we know it, Cartier Tank series is one of the most classic works in which new products in natural and ultimately its shadow. Last year, a total Tank system introduced two new works, respectively Tank MC and Tank Louis Cartier, and equipped with a newly developed hollow movement. Today the first to introduce this simple for everyone Tank MC watch, Tanks series itself is a big category, launched today has close to a century, the main products for the Anglaise, Americaine, Tank Louis Cartier, Fancaise, solo and MC 6 wealthy type in which Tank MC is “Manufacture Cartier” acronym name, is quite famous door of taste.

Compared to other models of Tanks watches, Tank MC shoulder to wider, more square qualities. The product has been enriched to a great extent, including a highly artistic hollow watch, the ultimate luxury fine jewelry watches, simple and practical small second hand watch, which has a rose gold hollow gold watch two palladium. In all square watches, Cartier Tank series have to say plays its development into an important role in promoting, done on a few square watch brand history, and without exception, were no Tanks on the classic fashion modeling. At the same time due to the elegant and perfectly proportioned Tank series, making it rich in popular series, in the form of a unisex, structured. As long as you like Cartier, it is always a right for you.

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cartier tank series watches

Cartier never rigid. When everyone in its benchmark for the trend, speculation new guide its exotic, Cartier has unexpectedly turned to the battlefield: the First World War the most powerful new weapon – French Renault tanks, inspired Louis Cartier was inspired, so he in 1919, with a revolutionary design to create a perfect square watch – tank.

Cartier Tank watches from the clean lines, classic design and a profound historical and cultural background. At that time, “simple is elegant” concept, people stay away, but Cartier watches this revolutionary forerunner, but maintained its extraordinary vision, publicly advocated new aesthetic standards. Over the years, the integration of first-class quality and avant-garde design Tank watch, modern lasting for years, always stand in front of the times, it is called VIO watch history.

After the tank watch the birth of nearly 80 years of development, Cartier works on the basis of first tried a variety of geometric contours and aesthetic expression, never stopped the pace of exploration. So far, the world’s leading Cartier jewelry, watches leaders, still continue to watch the reproduction and innovation with research diligently, thereby continue to bring eternal enjoyment and surprise Cartier watch kingdom who pursue careers.